Center Labour Force


Recruitment & staffing professionals

About Us

Center Labour Force was founded in 2013 with a single aim: to become a leader in providing a quality labour force to satisfy the needs of existing and potential clients. Being a previous business owner trying to find staff, we were disappointed by the services of recruitment agencies, whose focus was on volume instead of clients needs.

In the Center Labour Force , it’s assumed that workers move to where there’s a requirement for his or her skills, whether this is often in their local region or abroad and salary is not fixed,it can be up or down according to their work and performace and skills

Who are Center Labour Force?

A common factor that connects the two entities is the salary or wage that is agreed to be received by the worker from the employer.In other terms, workers can find the work according to their requirements and skills and get paid

Honesty & Integrity

There are two major steps in appropriate staff. Honesty and integrity without the trust of our clients and  candidates we might not succeed.

We set high standards for ourselves and becoming professionalday by day.

Friendly & Involved

Center Labour Force provide the friendly behavior and services.

We remain involved to make sure candidates are settled in their roles, and understand employee retention is as important as the initial hiring process 

We Understand Our Market

Center Labour force have chosen to focus on specific recruitment areas to ensure our knowledge and understanding of industries is first-rate.

We understand your business needs, evolving work environments, and help to make a productive and profitable workplace for employers.