What is ODCO Contracting?

ODCO Contracting is a simple, cost effective way for businesses to legitimately engage independent contractors and be free from interference of the Industrial Relations system. ODCO Contracting provides a system to help you manage your business the way you need to.
ODCO independent contractors enter work contracts freely and for defined periods.

Ø The licensed ODCO agency sources independent contractors who have the required skill sets to perform the required work at your business.
Ø Your business enters into a separate contract with the licensed ODCO agency to provide suitable contractors.
Ø You provide the ODCO agency with a full description of the work to be done.
Ø The ODCO agency will credential suitable contractors and you have the option to review and select from the agency's recommended list.
Ø Required tasks are performed by the contractors to your satisfaction.
Ø The ODCO agency negotiates the rate, pays the contractors and pays and administers all statutory and legal requirements including income tax, superannuation, Workers compensation, payroll tax, public liability and other required insurances as applicable.
Ø You pay a pre-negotiated price.
Ø You must provide a safe workplace and comply with relevant OH&S laws.