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The best relationship building.

The Center Labour Force is very helpful for people who are looking at getting a job that is sustainable.

A worker who looks at the Center Labour Force enjoys a higher chance of getting recruited because he or she knows what industries or jobs are exactly looking for.


1) Candidate search
2) Candidate interview
3) Skills testing
4) Managing the process

The client visit & job specification

Meeting with you to find out about your business, and discuss your current staffing needs, the precise details covered regarding the position description are  required, the core competencies required, outcomes required within the position for the job specification

Candidate search and selection

Reviewing profiles and suitability of candidates that we are currently working with, also the people who  worked within the past, the utilization of multi channel communication to attract both active and passive candidate from the present market, including:

Candidate interview

Face to face meeting with  potential candidates to debate the role and determine their suitability for it. If we invite our clients to hitch the ultimate interview panel or make a choice from a specific final list of candidate or we can make the selection to fit the criteria given.

Skills testing

Skills and computer testing through with candidates as needed and maintenance of depth skills may  ensuring that our candidates have up-to-date licences and certificates.

Reference checks

A minimum of two detailed work history reference checks are conducted.  

Managing the process

Communicating with both the client and candidate throughout the entire recruitment process.  

Once an employee is on board

Post placement service; regular scheduled follow ups with both the client and the candidate to ensure everything goes well.