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Center Labour Force have erected a character for excellence in reclamation and labour hire. The worker may be anyone who wishes to offer his services for compensation,
while the employer may be a single entity or an organization. The worker is like a seller while the employer is the buyer.

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The Center labour force measures the manpower currently available in the economy. It comprises all the people who are working or seeking work.

The Center Labour force is that place where the availability and therefore the demand for jobs meet, with the workers or labor providing the services that employers demand.

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The Center labour market comprises four components: the labour force population, applicant population, applicant pool, and the individuals selected.

Physical and Mental Labour.

Labour where physical strength is required is called physical labour.But mental Labour is that during which brain is applied or mental fatigue is more as compared to physical fatigue

Skilled and Unskilled Labour.

Skilled Labour is that in which special knowledge, learning, training and efficiency is required in performing the work.But in unskilled labour no special knowledge is required.

Productive and Unproductive Labour.

Productive Labour is that labour which added the net value to the product. Where unproductive labour is that which does not added the net values


We Offer Recruitment Solutions to Businesses

We’re constantly searching for talented staff to fill positions with in the following diligence

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Candidate search
Seeker hunt means the searching of seeker that fits by all the requirements and can fulfill the objects of organisation as well.
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Candidate interview
Face to face meeting with potential candidates to debate the role and determine their suitability.
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Skills testing
Skills and computer testing through with candidates as needed and maintenance of depth skills
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