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Client Hiring Agreement

JACKSON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD trading as CENTRE LABOUR FORCE (CLF) operates a licensed agency utilising ODCO – The Independent Contracting System®, which has been supplying independent contractors to business and industry, on an ‘as-needs’ basis, for over 30 years. We supply a high standard of workers and tradespersons, and we deal in volume, which means that you save time, money, and effort for a better result.
The contractor/s we supply to you are yours to direct, and the onus of inspection and satisfaction is yours. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the contractor/s, simply send the contractor/s off site and inform us of your dissatisfaction. Our service MUST supply good contractors to ensure your continued usage. We therefore ask for feedback from you as to the contractor/s performance.
We refer you to our GENERAL CONDITIONS OF HIRE, SPECIAL CONDITIONS and CLIENT CREDIT CHECK POLICY (overleaf), which are binding on you upon the signing of this Hiring Agreement. By engaging any contractors referred by CLF, either by contract placement through our system, or permanent placement; you accept all conditions listed in this Hiring Agreement.
If you wish to avail yourself of our services, now or in the future, please complete the section below and return this Hiring Agreement to us. We can then establish an account ready for your convenience, thereby avoiding any delay of supply when it is required.
i) Minimum hire: _4__ hours per contractor per day..
ii) Equipment: basic equipment and tools of trade are included in our rates.
iii) Work done outside of the agreed rates is negotiable.
iv) A safe workplace must be provided in compliance with WPH&S legislation.
v) Rates for our services are attached to this agreement.
PAYMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You are invoiced per site per week for all contractors on that site. We pay the contractors and invoice you. Our invoices will be faxed or emailed to you on Wednesday of each week; you are required to check invoices for errors and report errors to CLF before 9am on the Thursday of each week and required to deposit cleared funds for the total amount of the invoice into our nominated account within 7 days. Prompt payment of invoices is required as contractors are paid weekly during their period on contract hire. Payment terms other than 7 days must be individually negotiated.
LATE FEE: CENTRE LABOUR FORCE (CLF) reserves the right to change your rates by 5% if your account is overdue and outside the payment terms & conditions. Non-payment of accounts beyond payment termsmay result in our withdrawal of the contractor’s services at the discretion of CLF Management & Directors. Continuity of service is based on timely payment of invoices.< In addition to these fees, should we have to take legal action & / or debt collection measures to recover the money, your business will be liable for these costs.
RATES: Our rates include an administration charge, plus all statutory obligations for the contractors, that CLF is legally responsible for. You are not liable for income tax deductions, workers compensation, payroll tax and superannuation in respect of the contractors we supply to you.
TAXATION: We administer PAYG tax for the contractors we supply to your business. PAYG tax is withheld at the appropriate rate and forwarded to the ATO as required.
DISSATISFACTION: If you are not satisfied with any contractor’s performance, simply notify us and send the contractor off site immediately. You will be charged for hours on site or units delivered only. You are not liable to make any other payment for the services supplied. The contractors supplied are not your employees and are not ours; they are bona fide independent contractors.
The client may directly engage a member of Centre Labour Force’s workforce on payment of a fee for loss of that resource to Centre Labour Force.
If the following events occur:
1. Centre Labour Force introduces to the client any member of Centre Labour Force workforce (the contractor) through hire by the client, or by information made known to the client by Centre Labour Force of the availability of a particular contractor, and
2. The client engages the contractor directly, either as a contractor or employee:
2.1 within 12 months of the information being made known to the client or within 12 months of the contractor last being supplied by Centre Labour Force to the client (whichever is the later), and
2.2 for a permanent, continuous period of 30 days or more (the engagement). The client shall:
A. Immediately notify Centre Labour Force of the engagement, and
B. Pay 160 hours at the normal invoice rate of that contractor to Centre Labour Force within 14 days of the engagement.
To Centre Labour Force
PO Box 4225
Alice Springs NT 0870
In further consideration for CENTRE LABOUR FORCE (CLF) having agreed, at the request of each person identified hereto as "the Guarantor" (each of whom is hereinafter called "the Guarantor"), to provide services for the company identified hereto as "the Debtor" (hereinafter called "the Debtor") on credit, the Guarantor hereby:
(a) guarantees to CLF the due and punctual payment by the Debtor of all monies which are now owing or which at any time hereafter may become owing by the Debtor to CLF for services provided or otherwise on any account whatsoever.
(b) agrees, acknowledges and declares that this guarantee shall be a continuing guarantee and shall not be modified or affected by any waiver or indulgence (whether as to time or otherwise), nor by the winding up or death (if a natural person) of any or all of CLF, the Debtor and the Guarantor, nor by any variation in the terms of trade by CLF and the Debtor, nor by any other cause matter or thing which but for this paragraph would or might have the effect of modifying or abrogating the liability of the Guarantor hereunder;
(c) acknowledges and declares that where two or more persons have executed this Deed as "the Guarantor" their obligations hereunder shall be both joint and several and that in the interpretation of this Deed words importing natural persons include corporations and vice versa and words importing the singular number include the plural and vice versa.
It is standard procedure that before acceptance of this agreement and setup of client account; CLF must obtain appropriate credit references from all potential clients. Please supply two creditors that CLF can contact as an appropriate credit reference for your business
CENTRE LABOUR FORCE (CLF) is a licensed Odco Contracting® agency. All contractors working through CLF
are covered by WorkCover in the event of an injury occurring on site.
It is our responsibility not to send the contractors working through this agency into unsafe workplaces, and
under the Workcover Act, we can be found liable for contractor safety whilst in any workplace. However we do not have control of your workplace and we do not have direct supervision of our on-hired
workforce. ‘The client’ has the responsibility to ensure that the workplace is safe for all workers, regardless of whether they are employees or contractors.
Ensuring safe working environments for all workers requires identification, assessment and management of risks relating to physical and non-physical aspects of work.
Under certain circumstances, the Workcover Authority may provide for the recovery of compensation from other parties bearing liability when a significant injury occurs. In this case, the other party would be you. If
the authority chose to take such recovery action, we would be unable to prevent any such matters being
proceeded with. The degree of negligence, hence liability, is predominantly determined by the facts available, particularly whether the end user could have known if the contractor may be exposed to injury and what remedial actions were undertaken.
In many circumstances more than one person will be liable for breaches of Work Place Health and Safety. We strongly emphasise the importance of maintaining a safe working environment. Managers and ,BR> supervisors should be advised of their responsibilities and the possibilities of being held liable for any injury in their workplaces.
In accordance with requirements under the relevant Work Place Health and Safety Act, we agree to provide and maintain so far as practicable for all workers a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.
 We agree that we will properly induct all contractors working in our workplace.
 We agree that we will advise CENTRE LABOUR FORCE should any major changes in job description
be required of the contractors, so as to ensure they are properly briefed on such changes.
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