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I acknowledge that I have attended:

1. The Odco Contracting system interview and explanation session: I understand my status as an independent contractor and have the taxation, supernnuation and insurance obligations explained to me.
2. The Occupational Health & Safety breifing: I Understand my Responsibilities as an independent contractor to always conduct myself in a safe manner and not do anything that may cause injury to others or myself. If i am requested to work in an unsafe manner. or to perform work that I am not properly trained or qualified for, I Understand the need to communicate my concerns to management and Centre Labour Force.
3. The Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Breifing: I Understand my responsibilities as an independent contractor to always conduct myself in a manner that will not discriminate against others. if i believe that I am discriminated by Otherswhen working through Central Labour Force. I understand the need to report my concerns to Centre Labour Force.



1. I anckowledge and agree that there is no relationship of employer/employee with CENTRE LABOUR FORCE and that CENTRE LABOUR FORCE does not guarantee me any work. I am self-employed and, as such, I am not bound to accept any work through CENTRE LABOUR FORCE.

2. I hereby agree to work for an agreed amount per hour for actula on-site hours, or job price to be agreed.

3. I instruct CENTRE LABOUR FORCE to make deductions under the PAYG System of Taxation.

4. I hereby agree that I have no claims to CENTRE LABOUR FORCE in Respect of Holiday Pay, Long Service Leave, Sick Pay, or any similar payment.

5. I hereby agree that CENTRE LABOUR FORCE has no responsibility or liability to me, except that i am guaranteed to be paid for actual on-site hours worked or agreed job price for work done.

6. it is agreed that I must carry out all work that I agree to do through the agency of CENTRE LABOUR FORCE in a proper manner and CENTRE LABOUR FORCE is herby guaranteed against faulty work. All work must be made good. Further, I agree to cover the work (where necessary) for Public Liability, Accident insurance, Long Service and Holiday Pay, and have no Claimson CENTRE LABOUR FORCWE in respect of above.

7. I hereby agree to supply my own equipment, where necessary to perform the work , and that i have no claim on CENTRE LABOUR FORCE in respect of above.
Centre Labour Force may provide you with company property during the course of your ODCO contract such as computer and clothing. The provision of any suich company property is contingent on your role and will be provided at the absolute discretion of Centre Labour Force. You will not have a contractual Entitlment to such company property, and it may be withdrawn by centre Labour Force at any time.
You must ensure that all company property in you possesion or control is properly cared for and maintained.
Any company property must be used in accordance with any applicable workplace policy (or as the otherwise expressly allowed for by Centre Labour Force).

8. Workplace Policies
Centre Labour Force may from time to time have written workplace poplicies in place which deal with variety of matters concerning how the workplace operates, procedures to be followed and exceptions in relations to particular aspects of the business. The purpose of the policies is to make clear what Centre Labour Force expects from you in a relation to the aspect of th business dealt with by the policy.
You are required to be familiar with the content of all such Policies, and to comply with theire terms at all times. Any Failure to do so may reslt in deisciplinary action upt to and including termination of employment. if you are uncertain of where these policies are located or what obligations they impose, you have an expres obligation to raise this with your manager. your manager will then provide you with , or direct you to, the required information.
to the extent that the policies descrbe benefits and entitlements for the Employee or Impose any obiligations on Centre Labour Force , these are discretionary in nature and are not intended to be contractual. the terms and conditions of your employment that are intended to be contractual are set out in this contract.
Centre Labour Force may unilaterly introduce, vary, remove or replace policies at any time duriong the course of your employment.

9. Intellactual Property
You anckowledge and agree that it is a condition of ODCO Contract that Centre Labour Force shall be the owner of all Intellectual Property Rights in everything created, generated or contributed to by you in the course of your employment;
a) whether alone or in conjuction with others;
b)whether during office hours or otherwise;
c)irrespective of where the creation , generation or contribution took place;
i. relates to the business or perspective business of Centre Labour Force; or
ii. was created , generated or contributed to using any equipment or facilities of Centre Labour Force
You must do all things neccessary to enable centre Labour Force to confirm or perfect the Intellectual Property Rights Assigned under this Clause.
You consent to any act or omission by or on behalf of or authorised by Centre Labour Force, or Centre Labour Force's assignees, licensees or successors in title and any person authorised by Centre Labour Force, or its assignees, licensees or successors in title which would otherwise infringe any part of your moral rights that subsist in any copyright works created by you.
"INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS" means all intellectual property rights as defined by law including without limitation:
a). know how, trademarks, business names, the right to have confidential information kept confidential, copyright, inventions, improvements, designs, patents, discoveries, concept, circuits or other eligible layouts, numeric data, data or formulae, software, coding, models, drawings, plans, trade secrets, secret processes, reports, proposals, concepts or ideas;
b). any rights in respect of (a); and
c). any application or right to apply for registration of any of (a).
This clause will survive the termination of your ODCO Contract, irrespective of the basis of the termination, and shall remain in full force and effect indefinitely.

10. Conflicts of interest
You are required to immediately disclose any potential, perceived or actual conflict of interest (whether direct or indirect) that may give rise to a conflict with the performance of your ODCO Contract obligations to Centre Labour Force, or Centre Labour Force's business or reputational interests. Centre Labour Force may require you to take action to eliminate or reduce any such conflict. In the event that in the opinion of Centre Labour Force you fail or refuse to declare any such conflict, or to resolve it in a manner satisfactory to Centre Labour Force in accordance with its directions, then notwithstanding any other provision of this contract, Centre Labour Force may terminate your employment on an immediate basis.

l l . Privacy
You consent to Centre Labour Force collecting and using personal information and sensitive personal information as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) for any purpose relating to your ODCO Contract with Centre Labour Force. The personal information will be held in a secure location.
You also consent to Centre Labour Force disclosing personal information and sensitive personal information about you to other persons for reasons relating to your ODCO Contract or for Centre Labour Force 's business requirements. These persons include the Australian Tax Office, superannuation fund trustees and administrators, insurers, medical or occupational practitioners, financial and legal advisers, potential purchasers on sale of business and law enforcement bodies.
You also consent to Centre Labour Force disclosing your personnel information and image or likeness for marketing purposes including on Centre Labour Force's Website.
This clause will survive the termination the termination of your employment irrespective of the basis of th termination, and shall remain in full force and effect indefinitly.

12. Restraint of Trade
As consideration for your remuneration and you acquiring knowledge of the confidential information and intellectual property of Centre Labour Force and its affiliated entities in Australia, you agree that, whilst ODCO Contract by us and for the applicable Restraint Period, you must not directly or indirectly undertake any of the following activities without obtaining our prior written consent
a). canvass or solicit, or attempt to canvass solicit, the business of any client ( in relation to the provision of the type of services you provided at Centre Labour Force) with whom you have had direct dealings in the 12 month period prior to your ODCO Contract ending; and
induce or attempt to induce or solicit proffesional staff, including but not limited to directors, employees and ODCO Contactors of Centre Labour Force with whom you otherwise have had direct dealings inn the 12 month prior to your ODCO Contract ending to leave their employment with Centre Labour Force.
For the purposes of this clause:
(a) "Restaint Period" means the following periods after your employment ends(for any reason)
(b) 12 Months, or if that is unforceable;
(c) 6 Months, or if that is unforceable
(d) 3 Months
Restraint Area" mean:
(a) Australia, or if that is Unforceable;
(b) The State, Territory or Juridiction in which you predominantly worked during thge 12 month period prior to your employment ending.
You acknoeledge and agree that:
i) the restraints set out in this cause are resonable and necessary in the circumstance to protect oour legitimate business Interests, Including our confidential information and goodwill.
ii) the resdtraints set out in this clause do not unreasonably restrict your right to practice in your profession.
iii) the restraints set out in this clause are intended to operate to the maximum extrent.
iv) damages may be inadequate to protect the centre Labour Force Gfroup's Interests and we are entitled to seek and obtain injuctive relief , or any other remedy, in any court.
v) each restraint contained in this clause (resulting from any combination of the wording in clause 1 and the definition of Restraint Period and Restraint Area ) constitutes a separate and indepedent provision, severable from the other restraints. if any such restraints are determined to be unenforceable in whole nor in part, the enforceability of the remainder of that restraint and any other restraint will not be affected.
vi) your obligations under this clause survive the terminations/ending of your ODCO Contract.
if there is any inconsistency or contradiction between the restrains which are not invalid or unenforceable, the resatraint with the longest Restraint Period and the widfest Restraint area, to the exclusion of any other prohibition or restraint, constitutes the agreed restraint.

13. Workplace Policies
Centre Labour Force may from time to time have written workplace policies in place which deal with a variety of matters cocerning howe the wrokplace operates, procedures to be followed and expectations in relation to the particular aspects of the buiseness. the purpose of these policies is to make clear what Central labour force expects from you in relation to the aspects of the business deals with by the policy.
you are required to be fam,iliar with the content of all such policies, and to comply with their terms at all times. Any failure to do so may result in disciplinary action upto and including termination of employment. If you are uncertain of where these policies are located or what obligations they impose, you have an express obligation to raise this with your manager. Your manager will then provide you with, or direct you to , the required information.
To the extent that th policies describe benefits and entitlements for the ODCO contract or impose any obligations on Centre Labour Force, these are discretionary in nature and are not intended to be conractual are set out in this contract.
Centre Labour Force may unilaterally introduce, vary, remove or replace policies at any time during the course of your ODCO Contract.
For and on behalf of: Centre Labour Force


Please make the following deductions and controbutions associated with my remuneration. I have had the options explained and understand that he amounts so authorised will be forwarded to the appropriate institutions on my behalf. I also understand that the insurance deductions are after tax deductions, and may be avaiable to me as a tax deductible business expense.

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE: (Compulsory-refer to Contractor Guide p 8):


CENTRE LABOUR FORCE can offer the option of your remuneration beimng taxed at a flat rate (minimum 20%) or as per the PAYG tax tables. You may instruct us to deduct a flat rate higher than 20%, whereby an Upwards Variation declaration is required.


To enable transfer of your payments directly into your nominated bank account, please provide exact details of your bank account here-under. If these details change in any way in the future, please contact us immediatly. Changes must be made before 9 am on a Thursday. Changes after 9 am on a Thursday will not affect the current pay week . ( Please note by law we cannot pay into your Credit Card Account. )
Must be 6 Digit


Disclaimer: The section below is to enable you to provide clear instructions to Centre Labour Force. It is not financial advice and must not be construed as such. You should seek independent asvice from your financial planner or accountant on your individual circumstances.

I understand that Centre Labour Force will make superannuation contributions at current SG rate 9%. This is in addition to my agreed pay rate.
If you have a prefferred Superannuation fund please provide details below. If you have no preffered fund we will make contributions into our nominated defaul fund.]

Please make a selection from Option 1 or Option 2

Option 1

Option 2



First Contact ( In case of Emergency )

Second Contact ( In case of Emergency )

Criminal History

Contractor Confidentiality Agreement

Acknowledge that all information concerning Contractors, Clients and Carers and discussions with Centre Labour Force are regarded confidential. During and after your ODCO contract, you must:

  • I am aware that I should not disclose any information to any unauthorized person (s) whether within or outside CLF and I agree to do so.
  • keep all Confidential Information secret and confidential;
  • take all reasonable and necessary precautions to maintain the secrecy and prevent the disclosure of any Confidential Information;
  • not disclose any Confidential Information to any third party; and
  • not use any part of or make copies of any Confidential Information, except:
  • as reasonably required in the ordinary and proper course of your employment; to the extent required by law; or if Centre Labour Force's written consent is first obtained.
  • "Confidential Information" means any information relating to the business or affairs of Centre Labour Force, its clients or it's Related Bodies Corporate (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), that is not in the public domain including, but not limited to, any document, record, computer file, lists of current or former clients, trade secrets, customer or client details and information, product or service information, teaching methods, sales and marketing information, lists of prospective clients or customers, information relating to any computer systems or software, financial information, discovery, invention, drawing, design, strategy, plan, data, report, process, proposal, budget, idea, concept or know how. This clause will survive the termination of your ODCO Contract, irrespective of the basis of the termination, and shall remain in full force and effect indefinitely.
    I understand and accept the conditions of my contract and that if I breach these terms of agreement by divulging information to any unauthorized person (s) my actions can result in my instant dismissal for misconduct.

    Signed at CLF

In the Presence of:

ODCO Contractor Questionaire

You have now almost completed your Odco Contractor briefing. To ensure that you have understood this briefing and the difference between being an employee and being an Odco contractor, we would like you to complete the following quiz. The answers can all be found in the contractor guide or were given to you during your induction.

1. Your legal status:
Are you an employee or an Odco contractor? If you are offered work through Centre Labour Force, are you going to be an employee of (please tick correct answer/s)

  • Centre Labour Force (CLF)
  • The client where you work
2. Payments:
  • Who do you receive your payments from?
  • Who should you contact for enquiries on payments?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring your work details (hours worked) are given to CLF?
  • Are you aware that you can either email or text the details? Yes/No
  • In your induction, have you been told what details need to be advised to CLF so your timesheet can be processed?
  • What is it?
  • in your induction, have you been told when these details need to be advised to CLF so your payment can be processed?
  • When is it?
  • How often are you paid? Daily/Weekly / Fortnightly/Monthly
  • I am fully aware that my time sheet is a legal document. Yes/No
  • I fully understand that accurate start, break and finish times must be entered on a timesheet. Yes/No
  • Are you aware you can have your remittance emailed or mailed to you? Yes/No
3. Taxation: under Tax Office rules, we have to deduct tax from payments made to you. Is this
  • PAYG withholding
  • GST tax
  • Something else (what?)
4. Workers Compensation:
  • Are you covered by Workers Compensation? Yes/No
  • If yes, who covers you for Workers Compensation?
  • Who do you report a work injury to?
  • Do you make payments to Workers Compensation? Yes No (please circle)
  • If so are you aware this is claimable at the end of the Financial Year
  • What percentage is your workers compensation deducted at.
5. Other Insurance:
  • Do you have Public Liability Insurance? Yes/No
  • Who pays the Public Liability Insurance? Me/the Agency
  • How is it paid?
  • Is this a claimable work expense for you at the end of the financial year? Yes/No
  • What percentage is Public Liability deducted at..
6. Superannuation:
  • Does CLF make super payments for you?
  • Do you have a choice of superannuation fund? Yes/No
7. OH&S: Who is responsible for safety at the workplaces? (Tick correct answer/s)
  • You, as the Odco contractor
  • The client where you are working
  • Both of the above
  • What do you do if you see something wrong at the workplace?
    • 8. Equal Opportunity & Discrimination: Who is responsible for reporting discrimination and harassment in the workplace?
      • The workplace
      • Centre Labour Force
      • You, the Odco contractor
      • All of the above
      • What should you do if you feel you are being discriminated against or are being harassed in the workplace?
      9. Restrictive Practice
      • When would you use restrictive practice.
      • Do you understand the use of restrictive practice? Yes/No
      10. Cultural Awareness
      • Describe cultural Awareness practices
      • What is cultural diversity.
      11. Risks and Hazards
      • Give 2 examples of Risks
      • Give 2 examples of Hazards
      • How would you identify the above_
      • What would you do if you identifies a risk or hazard
      12. Duty of Care
      • What is duty of care?
      Thank you for completing this questionnaire.
      If there is anything that you do not understand or need to know, please ask us before you leave, or you can phone us later. Most of the answers to your questions can be found in the Contractor Guide that you will take away with you.

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