Center Labour Force

Indigenous Workforce Management

“Creating employment opportunities for indigenous people.”

Center Labour Force has a very successful Indigenous Employment Services division. Our Indigenous labour hire workforce covers many occupations, including Tradesmen, Machine Operators, Labourers, Trade Assistants, Truck Drivers, and Administration personnel.

Center Labour Force established our Indigenous Employment Services nearly 5 years ago. This was done for 3 key reasons:

  1. 40% of school leavers in the Northern Territory are Indigenous, so it’s a potential workforce that can’t be ignored and must be utilized to meet labour demands.
  2. Indigenous people still have a minority representation in the Australian workforce. Center Labour Force is committed to doing its bit to close this gap.
  3. The Northern Territory Government introduced the “Indigenous Provisional Sum” on NTG funded construction projects over $500k. This incentivized the employment of Indigenous Australians. Although this program has now ceased, it has been replaced by other Indigenous engagement requirements on Northern Territory Government-funded projects.

Center Labour Force has developed a good reputation in Indigenous employment and has become a go-to for Indigenous people looking for work. We also assist our clients with their Indigenous Participation Plans and are regularly listed as the subcontractor in Government Tenders for the delivery of Indigenous Employment Services. Our service goes well beyond simply recruiting Indigenous people for jobs. One of the key elements is the support services we provide, which underpin our success in attracting and retaining an Indigenous workforce.

As an indication of our success in this field, in the 2018/2019 financial year, Center Labour Force’s Darwin office filled a total of 443 positions, and of these, 144 were Indigenous. This equates to 32.5% of positions filled with an Indigenous person.

We are very proud of these outcomes and believe we are making a genuine impact on people’s lives by assisting them to achieve meaningful employment. We have a number of like-minded clients who see the value in this service and have elected to partner with us to assist them in achieving their organizational Indigenous Participation goals.

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